Our Company

Somos Consultores em Recursos Humanos, especializados nas Indústrias de Mineração, Petróleo & Gás, Energia, Construção Civil, Engenharia e Infraestrutura.

Our headquarters is located in the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and we have been operating with high quality standards and respect to our clients' interests worldwide since 2007.

Our main goal is to offer innovative Programs as per anticipated market demands, so as to qualify, recruit and select specialized human resources for companies' Operations and Projects in the industries we render services to.

We qualify College students and trainees for Internship Programs and offer tailor-made strategic up-dating technical courses for professionals who aim to develop successful careers in the Mining, Oil & Gas, Civil Construction, Engineering and Infrastructure Industries.

We help high-school and College students to think over and decide consciously about a future professional career, as per their individual profile and labor market demands worldwide.

RHIO'S operates with loyalty and confidentiality, so as to avoid conflicts of interests or problems of any nature during its Recruitment Processes.

RHIO'S teams are composed of executives, consultants and multidisciplinary professionals, who are able to render high-quality specialized services and focused on our clients' needs.

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