Career Development and Professional Orientation

RHIO'S offers in or out-company tailor-made technical up-dating courses for companies inserted in the Mining, Oil & Gas, Civil Construction, Engineering and Infrastructure Industries and which are interested in promoting their employees' career development, so as to attend their Projects and Operations continuous and constant needs.

Professionals individually may also take part in our up-dating courses, so as to achieve competitive professional competences in their careers and attend technical requirements from organizations inserted in the industries RHIO'S render services to.

Our senior consultants may identify specific interests of your company and design tailor-made Programs for professional competences development, as per established goals, time limits, number of people and budgets.

RHIO'S also offer individualized Professional Orientation services directed to professionals who aim to start a career in a new industry or build a new career, as per worldwide market demands. Our psychologists and senior consultants in the industries we render services to work together so as to help professionals to take the right direction for successful careers.

Through our RHIO'S MYSTERY EYES Program, we render professional behaviour diagnosis services for employees individually or for entire teams, particularly the ones located in distant areas, fields or Projects of companies inserted in the Mining, Oil & Gas, Civil Construction, Engineering and Infrastructure Industries, so as to align employees' attitudes to the companies' mission, strategy and goals.

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