Career Orientation

RHIO'S psychologists are aware of and understand students' doubts and uncertainties and may truthfully help them when the question is the future professional career. Those psychologists and other multidisciplinary professionals make part of the team located in this Business Unit.

Psychological testing, so as to make students think over their personality, abilities and interests are some of the tools we use in our RHIO'S JOBS OF THE FUTURE PROGRAM, which was designed for High-School and College students who do not know or are in doubt about which career to choose and develop for their future professional lives.

Lectures and workshops on highly-demanding Careers are conducted by successful professionals inserted in different industries and segments, so that the students may have the unique opportunity to understand their career possibilities, strengths, opportunities, challenges and weaknesses, which are essential for a conscious career choice.

We also offer, through our RHIO'S UTP Program, tailor-made internship qualification for College students or trainees who aim to have a successful career in the Mining, Oil & Gas, Civil Construction, Engineering and Infrastructure Industries.

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